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That was some toasty Roxie action just now, eh? I've managed to silence the entire band... and boy, Roxie's a funny girl. The Mystery Gift Genesect came in super-handy, and it obliterated Roxie's entire gang for some reason.

...And we're dragged off to PokeStar Studios and had to get involved in some funny filming fantasies. But first, off to watch a... hilariously corny movie. Then I get to... uh... partake in the filming of the same corny movie? Oh my goodness.

Team Plasma is back. Plaaaaaaassssssmaa.... they sure sputtered out fast. Guess when you're disjointed, you're disjointed. No matter where you hide, Twiggy will find you. Always.

I think Nate talks too much already! Off my count, he has already went through over a hundred coherent sentences at this point. So long, silent protagonists.

It's CASTELIA time! Oh? What's that? Harlequin hunt? No matter, but these clowns sure got them going. Didn't take much time to get them, and... oh, and I do get a shiny bicycle to go with, too. It's TOO fast!

The mystery of Mr. Lock: did he leave the building, or did he pass away? Whatever it is, the building's occupied by someone else at this point.

I see that the janitor is now really a janitor in the Battle Company. Why? Retirement, of course! Now we've got an underage school kid instead as the... CEO. That's right

Burgh- wait, Iris, what are you doing here? No matter, I hate video game sewers. Plasma is a waste of oxygen.

I see Burgh's Gym got all webbed up and is full of clowns. Again. Also, it's very weird. Swablu and Genesect again took the cake this time, with Keiran in the backseat for the time being.

Then I somehow decided to waste my time filming multiple films... And then Colress would like to challenge me. Challenge accepted! And sure enough, I broke no sweat, though I did had Keiran faint.

...dead battery. Good thing I saved right after the last battle, eh? 8 hours with C-Gear stuff on is quite impressive.

Got Dream World stuff all working at this point, and as expected, the goodies are now on my Game Card.