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    Endomorpheus Exoletaar

    Black. Everything was black. Endo opened his eyes slowly; they were dry and stung like if a wasp had gone total haywire in there. The young Hylian rubbed the back of his head carefully, it also hurt, however much more so than his eyes. An accurate description of the pain would be as if he had an open wound pulsating in the back of his skull. Where was he now again? Hard to tell, he could’ve just warped from that horrible prison area again along with the others that were with him. Come to think of it, they didn’t seem to be here… Endo gasped as he received a horrifying revelation. The purple man must’ve killed them all with that yellow beam. After all, Endo did feel a lot weaker and less willing to go out on daring adventures. He felt more like crawling into a hole somewhere and staying there, away from all the purple men, and the yellow beams and most importantly-

    “Would you just f*cking listen to yourself?”

    Endo jumped up as he heard the voice, it was old and raspy with a hint of undying hatred in it. Where was it coming from? Was this what the afterlife was, some invisible man, person, thing yelling harsh words at you? In that case, this was NOTHING like those old folktales. Eventually, Endo decided to speak up,

    “Who are you?”

    “HAH!” The voice laughed, “So you’re saying that you don’t remember me? This is priceless!”

    “What’s so priceless about that?” Endo tried to put some stupor into the phrase; however it just came out feeling wrong. The voice had another round of laughs at this. Endo started to get a bit concerned about the identity of this guy, but then… something started to clear up in his mind.

    “E… Exo?”

    “Ding, ding! Correct my dear boy! I personally think that you deserve a round of applause for this one since it’s the first answer in months, no, years to come out of your mouth that isn’t completely retarded! If I had hands in this form, you can be sure that they’d be clapping right now.”

    Endo looked up sourly into the darkness, oh yeah, now he remembered. One of the main reasons why the Hylian disliked his Stalfos-counterpart – besides the fact of the latter’s proneness to kill the former in order to achieve complete control of their host-body – was that he had a certain proficiency – you might even say that he was a prodigy – at being a total a-hole.

    “But… where am I?” Endo asked.

    “Aaaaaaannnd, THERE you broke the record in stupid questions posed, EVER.” Exo chuckled in his raspy and malicious tone. If Endo didn’t know better, he might’ve even thought that the Stalfos was being… well, anything else besides sarcastic or full of hatred. Maybe even one would stretch so far as to use the word ‘joyful’. In any case, the Hylian soon began to tire of the other “person” living inside his body. He was hurting all over; his thoughts were a jumbled mess of white, purple men and pain. Suffice it to say, Endo wasn’t really in the mood for Exo’s comments.

    “Will you just tell me where I am already?!” He grunted loudly. At first there was no reply, Endo was unsure if the Stalfos felt like mocking him or if he simply just didn’t expect to get answered like that.

    “Oooohh, very scary, boy. I think that I might see you as a little less of a wuss right now. So, for your astounding bravery, I shall reward your stupid question with an answer.”

    “Oh gee, an actual answer?” Endo said sarcastically.

    “Did I tell you to SPEAK, BOY?! DID I?!” Exo shouted. Endo once again felt a wave of pain wash over him and he quickly fell to the floor, holding his head in his hands. “Very well then,” Exo said, “We are for some reason inside of your mind. Have you noticed how my voice doesn’t echo in your head or whatever the f*ck it does when I speak to you? That’s one way of determining it.”

    “But why are we inside of my mind?” Endo asked. This was starting to get a bit too symbolic/soul-searchy for his tastes.

    “My guess it that it has something to do with that purple bastard. Do you remember how he fired that yellow beam at you about… I’d say some minutes ago? Of course you don’t remember since you - in fact - are an idiot. You see, I feel much weaker and out of energy than usual, I’m guessing that you feel the same as well? Whatever the case, his machine must’ve sucked something from both you and me, making us get into this state.”

    “So…” Endo began. This just seemed to get fishier and fishier by the minute. “That still doesn’t explain why we are both here though.”

    “Well, my strongest guess is that the beam must’ve knocked you out, thus making you unconscious. But instead of me being able to take over your body, your mind projected some sort of self-aware image of you to keep things in check.”

    “But why? Or rather, why now?” Endo asked.

    “Why the f*ck should I know? This is the first time you’ve become unconscious while being a longer distance apart from the Stalsword, isn’t it? Or maybe it’s some other, completely irrelevant bullsh*t reason altogether.”

    “That is true…” Endo said while in deep thought. Or since he was in his own mind, maybe deep in… talking out loud…? Amidst his deep thinking (talking out loud) the young Hylian noticed something in front of him. It was a small white line which started to cut through the blackness much like steel cuts through flesh, thus making itself more and more apparent. It was quite perplexing, but at this point Endo had been through all sorts of crazy things so he was not as impressed or terrified anymore.

    “I’m guessing that if I ask you what that is, you’ll come back with another snarky reply? Oh wait, I already know that you will, how silly of me for asking.”

    “Pff. Nice try boy,” Exo snorted, ”In any case, it should be pretty damn clear what that white thing is by now.” And the Stalfos was right, well sort of. The white line had begun to spread vertically, almost starting to look like a hill along with its mirrored reflection in the bottom. Or with a better description, it looked much like an oval lying on its side. Soon it wasn’t even white anymore; it was more… darkish, much like the walls in that cell Endo had just been inside.

    “Wait…” Endo said slowly, he was starting to process what was actually happening. He started to feel lighter, as if his body wasn’t weighing anything. Everything just seemed to be all over the place, it felt like he was… vaporizing. The young Hylian looked down at his feet to find that they weren’t there anymore, as if they had been swallowed up by the darkness. As the opals grew bigger and bigger as well as clearer and clearer, Endo’s body started to disappear one bit at a time, and soon, the entirety of him was gone. Blown away as if he was just a spec of dust in the wind.


    Endo slowly opened his eyes. They still stung a lot and his head still hurt. He looked around in an attempt to locate where he was. By looking at the dark walls and the strange-looking machine which was now broken for some reason, the Hylian deduced that he must still be in the strange prison-like area. It seemed like a lot of commotion had been caused, what mainly tipped Endo off about this was the fact that the purple man laid on the floor, seemingly unconscious while a big Wolfos stood before them. At first he became frightened, but when the creature put one of the people that had travelled with them, he started to think otherwise. Granted the Wolfos could still just be out to cash them in as food, and Endo was as suspicious as ever, but something about this creature seemed reassuring. So when it started running away, Endo decided to do the same. Apparently the other unlucky travel-companions seemed to share this thought as they too followed the wolf. His sight was still a bit blurry after Exo’s tantrum, so he couldn’t see them clearly. However one of them seemed like a hulking beast in comparison to himself, best not to anger that one then.
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