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    The Super-powered Wolfos continued at a rather quick pace, with mild surprise and slight relief upon seeing the others following. Even the monstrous golem was keeping good pace.

    “U-uh, excuse me, wolf thing...can I ask what is going on?”

    "There's no time for questions, I'll explain everything when we are all safe." Her voice was booming due to the pure power pulsing from her body.

    “I-if you plan t-to eat me, I don’t think I would taste very good...I mean, I hear I’m spicy, but not in the way you might be hoping...”

    The Wolfos, in response, just sort of... Shook her head. She sped up quickly, running into the castle door at high speeds, bursting through and sending shattered wood all over the place. Two guards who were guarding the doors outside were pelted with shrapnel and collapsed, possibly even dead. There was no time to check however. Considering everyone had followed, she led the group out of the castle, out of the castle town, across a vast open field, and into a nearby forest. After some forest navigation, the Wolfos leads them to what looks like a tavern in the middle of the forest. Gesturing for the others to enter, she slipped in through an opening on the side of the building with the Rito girl. The others would likely use the door.


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