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    (or not... more or less)

    Relak glanced at the door and back at the Wolflos. His brethren had a program known as 'humor' and Relak was suspecting this was an example of it. He had just kept up running through a strange colony and across a grassy flat land and without any explanation so far. He was drained and wanted to find a time stone to help recharge, but the entrance to this shelter, which may or may not contain a time stone, was far too small for him to fit through. You could hear metal scraping on metal as Relak contemplated, grinding his jaws together as he did so.

    "Structural design faulty." Relak groaned.

    He stepped off to the side, and then re-approached the issue. The door was too small for him in total. Piece by piece he would fit. Relak opened the door, pulling the handle half way off, and entered one piece at a time. first his legs one after the other then he inserted his right arm and head then slid the rest of himself in. Even inside it was still sort of small. He had lived in a world made for much smaller beings, but at least there they knew what he needed, and supplied it. This world was hardly fit for a being like him.
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