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    Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
    Rock Climb is a damaging Normal-type move introduced in Generation IV as HM08. It lost this status in Generation V.

    So apparently this was added as a new move in this hack, as it didn't exist then.

    The question then: is it HM08? HM08 was "Dive" in Generation III. Back on Page 115 is a list of new TMs and HMs and such; Rock Climb is TM39 described as "Have the ability to scale through rocky walls". Thus, "Rock Tomb" doesn't exist.

    Hmmm. Well I don't have Rock Climb anywhere in my HM/TM's case and I'm stuck trying to get the 7th badge leader to come back to the gym from Mt. Icestorm or whatever it's called. Rock smash is definitely not Rock Climb in this game. Taught it to a pokemon and I still couldn't climb.

    So with that said. If I accidentally somehow got rid of Rock Climb, (although I never get rid of my TM's and I don't remember getting it either) is there a way of getting it back? Or just getting it for that matter? Because I honestly don't remember getting it.

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