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    On my old Gameboy ( The Gameboy that has a tattoo xD ) I played RD. I can't really remember my first Pokemon, but it was either a Torchick, Mudkip or Psyduck. My partner... Oh let me think hard... Gah! Iv got all messed up here! I did the quiz over and over intill I got a Treeko, then I had a Mudkip as my partner. Then I got annoyed with the fact my partner was the cutest thing ever, and in depression restarted the game, even though i was at Sky Tower. Then when i do the normal quiz's truthfully, I get Mudkips, Torchicks or Psyducks. Sorry for the mix up at the start. As soon as i started thinking of my partner, then thought of my Mudkip partner i knew I had got it all wrong
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