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Originally Posted by Yellow Silver Nostalgia View Post
Also, in the latest version, your eye gets drawn to certain parts of the town, because of the different colours, which all make us feel different ways. For example, when we see yellow, we think "ooh, a banana!" because of when we were monkeys and we first developed colour vision to find the fruit in the forest. However, in the original Lavender Town... well, it's all lavender. No matter where you are in that town, you feel "in the zone".
1. Because emphasis and variety are such horrible principles of design to use.
2. Because we always totally think of bananas every single time we see yellow.
3. Because we can view the entire city at once in-game just as presented in the screenshot.

Sorry if that sounds harsh, but it's a weak argument to use. It's clear that most of the desire for the old comes from nostalgia and not much else.

Besides that, however, I think that the "vintage look" is inferior to the look of the newer games, and not simply because of the advanced graphics. As others have mentioned, the older games, being only one color, felt lifeless and dull. I could never immerse myself in such a bland place. The fact that music is simpler doesn't help much either, because it's easier to be distracted by something else. Sure, the newer music can be empowering, but it's a great, amazing kind of empowering, one that really absorbs itself into your senses and fully immerses you into its world. While the older music was still successful at delivering an emotion, the newer music delivers even more powerful emotions, and a wider variety of them, too.

Also, as for the brain "not having to do as much work," the visuals (cities) and music aren't what really stimulate our brain in the first place. It's the plot and dialog, and I don't think anyone could ever argue that the plot and dialog of gen 1 is superior to any of the newer games'.

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