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Pumba - Emboar: I chose tepig only because I usually take snivy. uwu I've had oshawott and tepig before as well, when I've played nuzlockes, but I figured emboar would be a decent fighting type.

Nala - Stoutland: So at the beginning of w2, I was trying to play it as a nuzlocke (but gave up after Burgh's gym) I caught Nala and well. She was better than patrat. Also, stoutlands with return are fantastic.

Scar - Crobat: I actually wanted an archen, but you couldn't get them until post e4, so bam. Crobats are pretty legit though. He and Nala are the speediest on my team, I believe.

Aladdin - Krookodile: When I found out Aladdin had moxie instead of intimidate, I was rather let down. But then during Drayden's gym I was so happy you have no idea holy gosh. Krookodiles with moxie and foul play are deadly as heck.

Kuzco - Crustle: Dwebles are adorable to the extreme alright. And crustles are fantastic when they have rocky helmets.

Bell - Ferrothorn: I love steel types more than ever now. <3 Bell is my powerhouse of fantasticalness.