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    After many delays it is complete!
    Let me know what you think of John Archer

    Name: Ranzatsu (John Archer)
    Country: United States

    Appearance: John stands at 5'10 just about the peak for his age group, and just taller than the rest of his family save for his brother. Archer is a dark skinned african-american with short black hair that comes together at a point on his forehead indicating widow's peak yet even in the back. He generally keeps his hair at a neat 1/4th of an inch because it gets tougher to deal with as it grows, getting tangled and rolling up. His eyes are colored a soft light brown and eyelashes slightly longer than most people his age. He works as a staff member in stage crew at his school building sets and props for school musicals and plays and performing general maintenance; as a side effect of this work he is moderately muscular and stronger with his left arm than his right. His face is normally set in a slight frown with eyes that would suggest that he is annoyed by something or someone and normally gives off a general bad vibe to most people, some who actually get to know him would know that he has other feelings as well. He actually enjoys laughing and joking around with his friends, and people he is familiar with but is otherwise indifferent and unintentionally cold to strangers.

    At the time that he was pulled fully into the game he had been wearing a pair of dark blue slightly loose jeans and black boots. His torso was covered by a dark red shirt under a black hoodie. As he was pulled in his clothing was transformed into actual items with average stats, nothing special about them and yet he still wore them. Eventually the need for better armor had grown very high and it became apparent that his old clothes just couldn't block the damage that he was taking, so he sold his old clothes, which were actually considered rares due to there only being one set in the game and bought a set of armor that resembled the clothing he had worn previously to the best of his ability. He now wears black boots and dark blue denim-like pants secured with a leather belt. On top he wears a plain dark red shirt and a black hooded cloak around his shoulders, the most valuable of his attire, which was obtained by forging together drops from the bosses of the 4th and 5th floor and grants him a slight boost in speed and defense.

    Personality: John is an introvert not entirely by choice, its just his nature to not exactly feel comfortable and relaxed around people he doesn't know. His normal facial expression is one that wards off the attention of others, seeming to send some sort of signal that he is pissed at something or someone. When around other strangers he doesn't know he is often quiet and makes feeble attempts to provide his own input in open discussions or when asked. After a while John begins to get more comfortable around people and begins to act as he normally would around his own friends but still will clam up if he is asked too many things or feels too pressured.

    Around his house he doesn't speak much to his own family even, not because he has a dislike for them but rather because he is just tired when he reaches home and just wanting to lie down. Even so he is quiet normally during family outings such as family reunions, birthday parties or even christmas as he doesn't even know his own extended family too well and doesn't bother to try and get to know them. When some assuming people around him see the way he acts, they decide that he doesn't respond to them and shuts them out because they feel he doesn't care about them. Of course this isn't true for him, but words are something that come hard to him in the sense that he can't arrange them in the correct way and when he tries it often ends up putting him in a worse position.

    Archer enjoys going out with his friends, but would rather visit and sleep over their houses in a group or just one on one. Around them he laughs, jokes, taunts and messes around with them like they were his own siblings. His parents can't understand and don't know why he isn't really active or animated. In battle he adopts a more silent focused style, though he may show some kind of excitement when he tries something new and succeed with it or when he levels up. Since he is a Tamer he often tries to calm the monster down and try to befriend it before he or it attacks.

    Life before SAO: In real life, John Archer is a junior in highschool working in his tech crew as a staff member that sets up for school plays, musicals and other business meetings that the school normally holds. Academically, he's had it pretty rough even though it was his own fault he decided to sleep in class rather than copy down notes or study. He only had a few long term friends in the school but every semester he would get separated from them and put into a class full of people he didn't know or understand. He doesn't exactly fit in with the majority of his class so instead he tries his best to ignore them and concentrate on his work, which has been beneficial so far.

    His favorite parts of a normal day was after school when he worked in stage crew as a carpenter, given his assignments, and sent off to do them without much help or constant supervision which was why he liked it. He felt more free there than he did normally at home where, if he tried to light a grill his mom would flip out thinking he would burn himself. At crew he was given various tools, instructed on how to use them and he performed well; yet even though he explained this to his family they seemed to disregard it as irrelevant and treated him the same way. He knew and liked most of the people he worked with save for one of them named Jason Karn who was literally the same person as him, except he was an extrovert, and yet they had so similar personalities. He valued all of these people including his boss as his second family and the one he liked to spend most of his time with.

    When he would arrive home, he was usually the first, and usually forgot his keys so he would have to leave the side door open which was okay, seeing as no one ever used it. Upon reaching his room he would drop on his bed and doze off, only to be woken by his mother and told to get started on his homework, which he reluctantly did. After he finished his homework he would go straight to checking the news on his favorite anime and games, mostly inquiring into game hardware and VR, the field he wished to enter when he graduated from college. After this he would stay up into the early hours of the morning playing a few online games with his friends that weren't afraid of staying up and being late to school. Despite the few good things of his life he desired for something more, something completely different from the usual torture cycle; a world where he could be free to do what he desired, or fight for peace like the people in his anime. That is what he desired the most, to have his word like that of an anime world where he could actually be someone and free from the laws and nets that bound him to society.

    Current Level: 8
    Weapon: Martial Close Combat
    Non-Combat Skills: Speed, Taming

    Summary of first month in Aincrad:
    1st Week: (Current Level: 1)
    While the idea of being stuck in this game and unable to return to the real world frightened him immensely, he remembered that his life in the real world wasn't the greatest to start out with. Still, he remained in the Town of Beginnings for a few days studying the beta tester manual and trying to also gather information from npc's and other players about the fields and battle tactics and monsters. His first day in the field was a little bumpy, and he came close to being killed by a Frenzy Boar, one of the weakest monsters in the game. Eventually through some wild swinging and tripping, he began to pick up how the system and sword skills worked. Finding some contentment with animals in the real world he chose Taming as his first main skill, hoping to befriend one or more of the creatures in this world. He refuses to party with other people, stuck in his old way of life.

    2nd Week: (Current Level: 3) Ranzatsu instead of grinding in the fields decides to take off in order to explore the town, meet a few npc's and store owners. Unfortunately even in the starter town the people who had gotten over their fears of being trapped had gone back to their original purposes for coming in-game, stealing and ripping people off. Caught in this, Ranzatsu did his best to bargain and haggle but unfortunately his people skills and general lacking knowledge of items and weapons led him to being jipped quite a bit. Thankfully some other kinder players noticed this and warded off most of the cheapskates; Ranaztsu however left with little more than a few words to express his gratitude.

    3rd Week: (Current level:5) Feeling he had wasted enough time in the first two floors Ranzatsu ascended to the third floor, home of the Blues Village and a new environment. He headed to town to set it as his home teleport and then headed out into the forest to explore and train a little, as he wanted to break level 7 before he went to go rest. He fought a variety of different amphibian-like creatures, some going on for an hour or so before he was able to best the swift creatures and reached level 6 somewhere along the road. He climbed a random tree and sat on a strong limb leaning against the trunk, nearly drifting to sleep before he was grabbed and hoisted into the air by the tree limb he sat on. Gradually his health bar began to drop as the tree squeezed the life out of his body and he began to lose consciousness. As his eyes were only as open as the width of a pencil, he heard a reeling screech from what he guessed to be the tree and spotted the announcement above his head reading, "Congratulations! You have reached level 7!" before he blacked out.

    4th Week: (Current Level:8) Ranzatsu has partied up with two other players, Reiko and Lysar, who had rescued him only a week ago from the monster tree and unintentionally helped him reach level 7. They were both very free-minded and outgoing, having been over the fact of the lock-in. However during a training run on Mount Lost of the fifth floor, Reiko was driven off one of the raggedy bridges by a swarm of the birdlike monsters and fell to her death. As it turns out, Reiko and Lysar were siblings in the real world but the sudden loss of his sister caused Lysar to snap and in turn turned his axe on himself, taking his own life. Ranzatsu escaped to the town with his life, but his emotions and mind scarred by the death of his first two friends in the game world. A few days later after the incident Ranzatsu returned to the same bridge in fit of rage to combat the birds.

    He was heavily outnumbered and eventually forced to retreat back to town, the birds in pursuit. Eventually as he left he monsters area, they began to leave the chase and return back to their original space one by one, just to his liking. As the last two birds turned to go he ran and intercepted them, jumping to their height and landing a boot to the left wing of one bird, while the one he missed continued back to its spawn. The birds were fairly weak individually so that one kick broke its wing and sent it to the ground unable to fly anymore. As he landed he rolled and recovered, walking over to the spot where the bird lay. With hatred of the bird and the need for vengeance coursing through his veins he lifted a boot and stomped the monster into the ground. As he walked away his mouth was drawn in a straight line, his eyes facing forward into the distance, and a single tear released itself from his eye and dropped to the ground.

    Roleplay Sample:

    John Archer[Ranzatsu]

    -The inside of the helmet felt cool and soft brushing lightly against his forehead as he slid the device over his head and secured it with the small safety clip at his chin. The visor completely shielded anything in my room from my view, and in front of me was a blank white screen with a clock in the top left corner, only a minute before the game servers went online. As the clock pinged and changed to the appointed time he took a deep breath.-

    "Link Start!"

    -He held back his initial impulse to close his eyes as the ensuing colors raced past his field of vision at a dizzying speed, which were followed by the sense check up.The little icons popped up in his vision and moving to the side as he checked them off quickly and came to the verbal selections.-

    Character Creation:... No saved character located...Create new character?

    -John decided to make the character as close to his normal appearance as possible, a minor exception being a change in hairstyle, length, and color which was a trademark silver. He didn't fuss with too many of the other details and finalized the creation. The screen displayed a saving message box for a few seconds before it cleared out, and in its place came up a welcome screen.-

    Welcome To
    Sword Art Online !

    -Three seconds after the greatest collection of words appeared in front of him, his vision was once again assaulted by a mixture of blues that seemed to be drawing him into a white light somewhere in the distance. Upon reaching it he immediately felt a newer, cleaner breeze brushed against his brown skin and he breathed it in greedily. His silver bangs brushed against the right side of his face as he looked up the the clear skies of Sword Art Online; finally he was in!

    Around him players began to appear in bursts of blue light examining themselves and cheering, shouting and some already headed to the fields to train. Ranzatsu himself got caught up in the moment and headed off towards the fields barehanded as was his fighting style. Other players through their excitement stared at him with confusion as he carried no weapon on his back or fastened at his waist, but he payed no mind and rushed forward. When the temporary excitement wore off he found a spot in the fields where there were very few players, and barely any monster spawns.

    He had chosen the areas for a few good reasons, such as not wanting any players to go stealing his kills and not wanting to be swamped by monsters either. The first one he encountered was a boar the size of bicycle but definitely outweighing one by at least 30 pounds. It pawed the ground and growled in aggravation at being disturbed from its grazing, and huffed from its snout a jet of steam. Ranzatsu placed his left leg a few inches back and bent it outwards while sliding his right leg forward so it slanted; his right arm came to hover inches above his right leg while his left arm was brought up and bent so the back of his hand was centimeters from his face, creating his own improvised style.

    The boar squealed loudly and charged, closing the short distance between them easily; in reaction Ranzatsu drew his right foot back to him and attempted to spin around the boar and avoid it completely, only to be disappointedly gashed in his left side by the boar's horn. He jumped back with a painful cry, only to realize a few seconds later that he couldn't feel pain. He assumed his form as the boar reared and charged again, its rage clearly evident in its crimson colored eyes; only this time Ranzatsu drew his foot back and sprang into the air spinning almost vertically and bringing the heel bringing his heel down on the board back, just barely missing it and his heel instead greeting the ground as his body fell to the ground. Looking up at his status bars he could see that he had almost fractured his heel with that one move and his health bar had gone down even more, now in the yellow half full.

    Getting up more shakily this time, he decided to actually look at his skill bar, only now realizing that the only moves he had unarmed were palm strike and high kick. He sighed realizing that he couldn't exactly pull off any moves that looked too fancy or showy. He decided to adopt a default stance as listed in the game manual which stated that the system would only aid the forms that were created by it. This time as the boar barreled toward him he sidestepped, and as it turned he planted his left foot back into the ground firmly and thrust his open palm glowing with the systems red aura towards the boar's midsection launching into a nearby tree and slamming it against the trunk. Not wasting too much time he advanced toward the tree and brought his glowing red up into the snout of the boar, slamming it against the tree once more and causing a sharp crack to emanate from the tree. The boar rose to its feet as Ranzatsu jumped back, and lowered its head readying itself for one final charge.

    Ranzatsu braced himself and planted his back leg firmly into the ground once more. He grinned maliciously as his palm connected with the snout of the battered boar, its own momentum doubling the force of the attack and fracturing the bones in its face, inevitably pushing the fragments back into its brain. Ranzatsu received a small but deep gash near the joint of his shoulder, leaving it hanging limp. He still smirked however, as the boar in mid-flight returned back into scattered fragments of data and a small window showed up explaining the experience and drops gained from the fight. Ranzatsu walked over to the tree the boar had recently slammed into and leaned against it lifting his head up to the sky, feeling the warm rays of the sun wash over his skin. After enjoying the moment for a while he raised his right hand and brought up the menu screen and opening the items tab to select a healing item. As the crystal appeared in his hands, he smiled a light smile and spoke the activation words.-

    i’Ve gOt tO BeLiEvE At wHaT My hEaRt tElLs iN Me, EvEn iF It’s a fAkE ThInG

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