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Being on the DS is a pro, now? :P (I know the 3DS wasn't even out on the Japanese release, but still...)

I wouldn't hold the perfect score as a pro to the franchise, either. That's pretty subjective.

I sorta feel the Pokémon games were going to sell really well anyway, like every other game has. Black and White's reboot feels like it's given the whole franchise a bit of a kick, and that's good - if Black 2 and White 2 coming out are a good indication.

Though I'd like to hear how you feel Black and White allowed people to easily enter the franchise and how the other games failed to. They certainly marketed them as a reboot, but (subjective, yes) I feel like I got sucked into the marketing more and in hindsight, the games aren't massively different.

I also contest the con you wrote about Pokémon potentially being seen as a dying franchise - it's not really showing, given the games are going strong and games are still coming out year by year. Are you sure who say it's dying aren't misled or biased? (These people don't check facts that often, believe me.)
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