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Originally Posted by Rivvon View Post
1. Because emphasis and variety are such horrible principles of design to use.
2. Because we always totally think of bananas every single time we see yellow.
3. Because we can view the entire city at once in-game just as presented in the screenshot.

Sorry if that sounds harsh, but it's a weak argument to use. It's clear that most of the desire for the old comes from nostalgia and not much else.
Correction: "sorry if that sounds harsh, but I think it's a weak argument to use."

1. We don't like complicated things. We're drawn to simple things with common themes and colour schemes. At least, I am.

2. Yes, we totally do always think of bananas every single time we see yellow. Most of the time, you're not conscious of it, but you are most definitely thinking about a tasty treat when you see that colour.

3. What does that have to do with anything? You move around wherever and you are immersed. You could be in the most obscure part of Lavender Town and have a very strong feeling of where you are.

Maybe it's just me. I have a very active mind, and don't enjoy passive activities at all. Pokemon itself is a really boring, repetitive game, heck I don't read the dialogue or follow the plot, I'm just thinking about how cool it would be to actually be in this Pokemon world and using the game as a trigger for those thoughts.
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