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Named girl main character after myself (Laura)
Kept Hugh's default name
Called my Oshawott Revolver (silly 4chan thing involving naming the starters after MGS characters that started around B&W's time - Revolver Oshawott, Solid Snivy and Tepig Boss)
Called my Sewaddle Osh Kosh after the children's clothing company since the Pokedex description says fashion companies use them as mascots because of their cute leaf-clothes
Called my Lillipup Pooky after a terrier puppy I had when I was 5
Called my Darmanitan Darmy because I am unimaginative
Cally my Scraggy Duck King cuz he reminded me of that Fatal Fury character
Called my Haxorus Tuskany cuz it has tusks and it's a girl and Tusk sounds too manly. Plus it's a pun on Tuscany

Other random names from my game:
Trilby (Purrloin, named after the cat burglar from Yahtzee Croshaw's adventure game series) Casanosa (Swoobat, it's like Casanova with a nose), Bubblebutt (Azurill), Piderp and Psyderp (Pidove and Psyduck), Growlie (Growlithe), ARGH (Magby, took like 10 balls to catch. That's a lot of money, dang it!), Riley (Riolu), Dyna (female) and Mite (male) (Drilburs, also Super Mario RPG references), Killerquen (Vespiquen, punny name based on the Queen song "Killer Queen"), Hippy, Bancho and Guido (Panpour, Pansage and Pansear), Bambi (Deerling), Boobs (Castform), Colonel (Klink, I like Hogan's Heroes), Whoopi (Golbat), Goodyear (Drifblim), CANNONS (Remoraid, some old Nuzlocker reference)
...And then after Undella I kind of got burnt out on naming.