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    Originally Posted by Sabrewulf238 View Post
    Heading towards Drayden next. My team:

    Emboar (M) lv 37
    Octillery (F) lv 39
    Magneton (X) lv 38
    Weezing (M) lv 35
    Sigilyph (F) lv 36
    Vibrava (M) lv 35

    My whole team just got pokerus while traveling through reversal mountain too. I'm finding myself a bit under-levelled though, which I didn't experience at all in the original Pokemon White. (I'm not doing anything different...)
    Thank god, I'm not the only one who feels under-levelled. Just got to Undella Town and caught myself a Staryu

    My Team:
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    Lv 35
    Lv 27
    Lv 35
    Lv 40
    Lv 33
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