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    K so I decided to restart my Black version after being unsatisfied with the starter I picked, and then as I went on with the fire piggie I decided to go full run-of-the-mill pokemon on my team. I don't have movesets planned out yet and I am in the process of getting the right nature and ability combos for some of them. Going to get them to 50 for E4. All tips are welcome!


    Galvantula: This is one of my favorites on my team. Got hasty nature and compoundeyes so he's good to go in that area. Current moveset is Electroweb, Electro Ball, Signal Beam, Sucker Punch. Got Signal Beam and Sucker Punch for type coverage but I'm not 100% sure on those.

    Sawsbuck: This is a pokemon I've kind of entertained the thought of and decided to go for it. Has brave nature which I'm happy about but also has sap sipper which isn't so great if I decide to use him on a sun team later on. Don't have a moveset sorted out yet.

    Scrafty: Has mild nature which I'm (-_-) about, don't really want to catch a new one >_<, but I like this one a lot for a sweeper, moxie is nice, and I like the type combination. Don't have a moveset sorted out yet.

    Not Sures:

    Lampent: I've heard good things about Lampent and it's next stage Chandelure and I needed a fire type and the ghost typing is nice too but I'm kind of un-fazed by this one. I think my issues with it are moveset based, as I haven't gotten a reliable fire attack for it yet. (Inferno is extremely unreliable but is nice with hex) It's current moves are Inferno, Embargo, Shadow Ball, Hex. Flamethrower is learned kind of late iirc which is what I was hoping to replace inferno with, but idk what to do with this pokemon...

    Sigilyph: It's only really here because I need a psychic type or flying type for marshal and this is both... however I'm worried about his frequent use of stone edge. Don't have a moveset sorted out yet.

    Carracosta: Well... this is another one I'm not sure about, I needed a good water type and a lot of the ones I was looking foward to aren't available pre-E4. (gated content in pokemon? D: Turtlemon also goes against my self imposed 'no unique pokemon' rule ) also have a seismitoad but I'm not a fan of him... I mean he has boobs on his head! May have to switch back to him though :/ Any other decent water types?

    I also noticed this team is a little tipped towards being weak to fighting (aka marshal and his freight train of a conkledurr), and I'm looking for help with movesets/type balancing etc, and some suggestions as to what to do with the 'Not Sures'.