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IceFyr1928's IC thread is accepted!

Pppgggr's Pokemon: The Walking Dead is accepted!

juniebug910's Sun and Moon, World's Collide is declined.
Your back story is stunning, but you dont really explain what the threat is now. Also, explain how the pokemon world and nippon intertwine. Unless pokemon were there from the start, worlds dont just collide for no reason!

danaxe's confusion island is declined.
You haven't changed a whole lot since last time. Though you've explained why team galactic are there, how does three pokemon like palkia, dialga and giratina live on the island? is this a newly discovered island? Your story line seems so rushed! Spend some time with it and try and develop it!

SwiftSign's IC thread is accepted!

Tman109ner's Revolution is accepted!

This is roleplay, not cosplay! Try this section of the forum.

gimmiepie's Pokemon Survival Challenge is accepted!

Zacax: The Gunsmith's Pokemon: Clash of Dragons is accepted!
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