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I do think Black and White were a step in the right direction. Whether it was a big or small step is not what I want to argue, though.

Just by shaking up a lot of hard-held conventions was BW good for the franchise. It was proof that Game Freak is willing to break away from the traditional formula and introduce new concepts to keep the series fresh. The gameplay wasn't altered much, but it still sells, so Game Freak focused on what Pokemon was really lacking: the plot.
Now that Game Freak knows that plot also sells, they can work on new games with an impressive narrative. Sure the gameplay is the same, but it's not an easy task, altering the Pokemon gameplay without making it too complex. Also, we're moving into an era where plot is becoming just as important as gameplay. Basically, Game Freak knows they can work on things one at a time and still be rewarded (because really, it's Pokemon. It will sell), so they chose to focus on narrative with BW.

So to me, I do feel they were a step in the right direction. Maybe it wasn't a huge step, but as someone who wants to see Pokemon utilize more narrative in its games, I do think it helps. Because of BW we got our first direct sequels; that should say something in and of itself.

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