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Originally Posted by Rainy Garden of Fire View Post
I don't really agree with that. Victini doesn't sound like a Pokemon that should even have a form. Nor would I agree on lowering Victini's statistics only for one kind of Victini per game. What I can consider fine with doing these currently discussed here "Legendary Starters" would be to NOT get it from the professor. It would sound strange to get a legendary Pokemon from such a person, won't it? Maybe do it with a story that requires Ranger skills (effectively bringing up Pokemon Ranger)? So, a Ranger states of three Legendary Pokemon being enraged in some location, and the player + his/her friends/future rivals would go there. There, they make a deal as to which person catches which Legendary Pokemon, as a change for choosing the starters like what we have right now. Then, we capture it in the same way Rangers do it. Then, it becomes our starter Pokemon and we continue our adventure normally. And make its opponents fully evolved and being double or even more in level for any part of the game in return + upping the difficulty of the AI to be the same as the Champion. That would sound right, upping the difficulty of the enemies in return for getting a legendary starter.
I didn't really have any specific idea for how you were gonna get the legendary starters, and obviously it would a bit questionable if a professor was willing to give away such valuable Pokemon to new trainers :p But, despite having never played the ranger games, do really like your idea. I do know the concept of it and how you do it, but whether it would fit into a main series game is doubtful. It may either be my memory failing me or the fact that I just haven't noticed it, but I don't recall there ever being an appearance of a ranger in any of the main series games, which is why I still feel those kinds of starters would fit better into a spin-off, so it doesn't "mess up" how the usual journey goes. But then again, if that's the pattern they'll keep the games running on, I think the fanbase may start to get a little smaller, since it will eventually become boring with the same ideas over and over again. But good idea, kudos to that :D

Originally Posted by RoreyG View Post
Hi, I'd like to join this club:

Name: RoreyG

Starter Pokémon: A Charmander named Ryuu and A Totodial named Tsunami

Why would you like to join the club?: No matter how much you might want to deny it, your Starter Pokemon will always be the most important member of your team. Its your first ever partner when you start anew and will always be your most reliable companion on your journey (honestly, you can over- grind it to high levels in the early stages of the game because, no matter what, it will always listen to you).

Onto the current topic;

Legendaries would not make good starters as you would want your starter to evolve. Pseudo- Legendaries on the other hand; I wouldn't mind if Dratini or Larvitar was a starter.
First of all, welcome to the club! Hope you'll stay and remain active, and hopefully enjoy your time here. And you're definitely right that the starters will in most cases be the Pokemon that's most emotionally close to you, granted you don't dump it off into a PC box as soon as you get your hands on the first best Pokemon to use isntead of it.

Second of all, with pseudo-legendaries, the problem still persists, that they may just be too strong. The team would be horribly imbalanced if you end up using Pokemon as strong as those as your starter even, the likeliness that you'll plow through the game, granted it's of the same difficulty, would also be really high. Then again, if they limited the strong and rare Pokemon in the game though, it'd be a bit more of a challenge, or if they simply raised the difficulty, but yeah, stat-wise, those kind of Pokemon just don't really fit in.
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