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OK, I'm glad this thread came up cos Black and White were among my favorite Pokemon games ever and after contributing to this section a lot I really wanted to look back at the pros and cons that most fans saw with the games.

My personal opinion was that I think Black and White were a big step in the right direction. Like what Lapras said, it doesn't mean that Pokemon fans like myself have to like every little bit of it. Despite what most people thought about the Unova Pokemon didn't stop me from liking it in every little detail but I still felt the whole "moving forward" point the franchise was doing at the time. Black and White were basically made to attract new players to the series, hence the whole "only Unova Pokemon before National Dex" thing. It had that fresh look I was expecting when I first heard about the games.

When Black and White were in development, Game Freak was probably thinking this - If we want Pokemon to continue, we need new fans. This was apparently the reason why the quote "Start from a new beginning" was used in the advertisements for the games.

I'm a veteran of the Pokemon games since Generation 3 so I know what they were trying to do with the whole theme of Black and White.

Even though I've played several Pokemon games, it's Black and White that kept me going, and eventually became my personal favorites. There were a few flaws such as some features not being good but it didn't let me down. The sprites also looked a bit too pixellated but the improvement in general graphics and battle animations kept me excited. As well as the flaws, there were also the things that helped keep the veteran Pokemon fans interested too, especially the more fast-paced battles and animated sprites.

Now I do come to the conclusion that Black and White made a good stepping stone for Black 2 and White 2, cos this is the first generation to ever get direct sequels, which is what sets Generation 5 apart from previous generations. Personally, I do think Pokemon will show more big improvements in generations to come.
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