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So I'm using no$gba,
got the sweet action replay codes in place,
running off no$zoomer,
and have EX0 and EX5 checked.

It'll run to the first cinematic (just before the phone call in black2 and just after in white2) and then crash with the error:
"Requires BIOS ROM-Image to execute undef opcode exceptions"

I had 7 and 9 lying around so I put them in.

It'll go to the same spot and crash with the error:
"The rom-image has crashed"

Any ideas on what's still missing?

PS I've also tried it with both no$ ver 2.6 and 2.6a

So apparently I was making this too hard...
Just start from scratch and it works fine. Saved no problem.

Maybe there was something in the .ini files I copy/pasted that was messing things up.
- Though, I set the speed to 2x and it still seems to be ok.

Just glad it's finally working
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