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Hi there, Syltti! Glad you seem to be enjoying yourself so far. <3

Originally Posted by Pink Mommy View Post
Oh, sorry!
I'm still a bit lost but thank you. n_n
Oh, just a quick answer. I need to have 20+ pokemon to trade. Do they all have to be different species? I mean, can I have two of one specie?
No worries! But you'd be better off asking one of the Trade Corner moderators: twistedpuppy, TwilightBlade, or Mac, if you need Trade Corner assistance. It would be a lot better than relying for help here, since this is primarily the section where we greet newbies. D: However, if you look through the Trade Corner rules, you'll see that it says you need to have 20+ different species!

Originally Posted by jhndnt View Post
hello, i'm jhndnt.. nice to meet you all. honestly, i'm here looking for help.. i'm currently playing the old school pokemon fire red, i've played for years on-and-off but never really make it to the end. just now, i've beaten the e4. and i have this problem, well.. i save my game at the credits scene and not in the in-game save but the file-save and then i can't continue to play, it brings me back to new game. i've been looking for some answers and turns out that i've saved my games in 64k type. is there anybody could help me? have i screwed it up? i don't want to restart my game. i love my pokemon pack. i wish somebody has a revelation for this problem, lol. thank you so much
I'd recommend asking in the Emulation Simple Questions thread. Like I said above, this section is really for greeting newbies! There are better places to request help like that around here. ^^

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