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I didn't like Minecraft the first time I tried it out. I didn't try it for long but I did really try to like it. I just found the learning curve way too high and I didn't really get how anyone could find it fun. Building in creative mode seemed okay but beyond that, I thought it was a really overrated game.

Tried it again once it got cats (lol my standards) and I'd seen a few LP episodes (so I knew some of the basic crafting recipes) and I had so much fun. I'd initially pirated it and within a week had bought the full version and poured so many hours into it. I still really enjoy it.

I feel like this is a bit of an odd example because I am fairly certain that had I actually bought it and forced myself to play it while it was still in beta (or did I try it during alpha?), but since Minecraft is always changing and evolving, I like it now because it's a significantly different game.

I can't think of any games I hated but appreciate now, since I usually don't replay games I don't like. :P

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