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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
One thing that has always bugged me about the Showcase thread is the lack of people commenting/critiquing other people's work and instead just ignoring the other posts to share their own stuff, so perhaps a section/sub-forum would help encourage this kind of discussion and therefore make people want to post their work more often as they know it'll likely be evaluated by someone? Also as shown above it seems that not everyone is aware of where this kind of work should be posted (even half the posts in the Showcase thread had to be moved there from other places since people didn't know where to post their work), so perhaps if there was a distinct section for it then people would realise it's there and become more interested? That is a completely hypothetical assumption of course and is a bold comment to make, but I'd wager money that it'd turn out to be true.
If people were more willing to talk about their or other people's creations in the CMS, then I'd be more amenable to the idea of a subforum. As it stands though, I really don't think there's the interest for any subforum of that nature, if a single thread can't get a massive response.
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