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only had black 2 for like 4 days, been playing it non stop pretty much and i have done everything [about to get heatran ] my team is

lv50 Archeops Naive nature male

Ancient Power

Lv74 Kami [Lucario] Naughty nature male

Force Palm
Swords dance
close combat

lv75 Zoroark hasty nature male

nasty plot
night slash
night daze

Deino [just hatched from an egg lv1]

Frillish [water hm slave]

Latios [because i can] just caught a few hours ago xx

my main team are on white version but yeah i might delete this file and go for challenge mode i have it unlocked. i have not traded between my games yet.. i need a second ds and i know no one in swansea that plays pokemon haha and my internet is down due to moving next week lol
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