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I don't think a lot of the people coming in to argue for religion's sake know exactly what atheism is.

It's a lack of faith. They don't 'believe in that god, but I believe in this one'. They don't believe in any god. They simply agree that there isn't a god or higher power.

Now, yes there are different types of atheists, including agnostic/weak atheism. Standard cookie cutter atheist does not believe in ANY higher powers. I get people can believe or not believe whatever the hell they want, but it just doesn't make sense to me that a Thelemite can be an atheist. It just doesn't work. Either you believe in higher power(s) or not.

Also, AChipOfftheOldBrock, Shining Raichu is the founder of PC's The Rainbow Connection... Which a few here, including myself, are members.