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    Originally Posted by awipe1 View Post
    Is there a way to create new routes in advanced map?
    I have routes 1-25 but when I create a new map and give it a new route, it will just change the name of the map that I originally used.
    Can someone give me very detailed instructions on how to create a new route. Please and thank you.
    Are you trying to add more routes, as in route#26, or trying to just make a new route in general?

    For the names, you can only replace the names; you can't add more. So if you wanted to make a "Route 26", you'd have to change that map to an existing name, and then edit that name. So if you changed it to, let's say "Tanoby Ruins" and then edited it to say "Route 26", that name will now permanently be "Route 26" for any map using the old "Tanoby Ruins" name.