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    Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
    Don't know if that topic is very relevant to the club, but heck, as long as the posts include something club/topic related, then such a side-topic is acceptable. But to answer your question, I'm horrible at anything that involves drawing, and the only kind of art I'd call myself at least a little good at is music. But when it's drawing, no, I'd just make eyes bleed, although I do love checking out art, no matter whether it's good or not. That said, it'd be great seeing some creations you guys had related to Water type Pokemon outside of the contest if you had any or if you were willing to draw something, but oh well, up to you.

    As for how it's gonna be judged, these kind of contests usually just go around the quality of the drawings, although if Krazzki had any specific way he wanted to judge, then that'd be great At least we'd see some variety :p
    Thanks for the feedback Olli! Although i do realize i diiiiid get kinda off topic. But ya know Olli, anyone can be good artist if they had the right tools, dedication, a teacher, and an imagination to let the ideas flow. I was self taught since i'm not able to get an art teacher atm but as good as others say I am, i still practice.

    : Back on topic!

    I looked at both Gyarados' and Milotic's stats again and they have the same BST, their abillities sort of rival eachother on different ends of the spectrum so i beleive this could go either way based on usage and mostly preference as its very much debatable comparison, however my position stays on the side of Gyarados