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Share your favorite memory of gym battles. (In-Game, Manga and/or Anime). If its a new/recent gym battle in Anime or Manga, please put in spoilers.

I don't really feel like I've ever had any particularly memorable moments with any of the gym leaders apart from Whitney though. I mean, I had quite some trouble with Norman the last time I played the third generation games, but apart from those, it's been way too long to remember if any of my other battles have carried any exciting events, which I presume they haven't seeing as I can't remember them. No, the only gym leader which has stuck with me through all these years is Whitney and her Miltank, beating me to death like there's no tomorrow.. I mean seriously, that Stomp and Milk Drink combo was insanely annoying, I can't say how much money I'd wasted on Potions because I didn't have the common sense to just save and restart the battle. Bleh, so many horrible memories :(
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