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Originally Posted by Ghost Emperor View Post
How do you feel about Gyrados' lack of a Dragon typing, despite it being a Dragon based Pokemon?

I Feel alittle weird since it should moslty have dragon type attackes and what makes it weirder is its first based pokemon which is magikarp a fish which evolves into a dragon kinda creepy but cool :)

Its been a while since I last visited the group :)
Well, as a lot of other Pokemon evolutions and concepts, this comes from Japanese culture, more specifically the tale of a carp leaping over "the dragon gate" and turning into a dragon. Of course this is a weird evolution unless you know of its origins, just like Feebas evolving into Milotic might seem weird, whereas I think it may be related to the tale of the Ugly Duckling, but yeah. Japanese culture has found its way into lots of stuff in the Pokemon world, as would be expected, which is also probably why we see so many dragons, since that seem to be a kind of creature that's used for a lot down in Japan/China and the places around there.
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