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    I would like a new storyline, that 10 year old kid saves the world storyline is getting boring already (GOD IT HAS BEEN 16 YEARS ALREADY).

    I would the Pokemon following you where you can choose whatever Pokemon to follow you (usually a Snorlax)

    Multiple regions is a good one, just like the one in G/S/C and HG/SS. Just that more than 2 would be good, like a number... 3.

    Return of Team Rocket!!! Being a Team Rocket fan, I would like the return of them, just that it would be hurting for me to win every single one of the grunts and DA BAWSS. I wish I could just join Team Rocket, but that's another story.

    And lastly, a menu system just like the one in HG/SS. That menu system is one of the best because I can just touch the icons to go to my bag, etc without pressing that annoying X Button. That menu system also takes advantage of the touch screen that the DS has.