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    Originally Posted by NecrumWarrior View Post
    What'cha want for the Spring 2012 Zekrom? Same as before, check out my shop.

    EDIT: Had Fukuoka Kyogre on the request, but I got one.
    I'm interested in your WIN2011 Suicune.

    Originally Posted by PokeTrade View Post
    As a present for my work partner E for being such a good friend, and giving me all her pokemon, I wanted to give her a present. She is a big fan of Mew's, and is in total love with them. In so, do you want a Terrakion and Vizirion ( Or however you spell it ) for the Hadou Mew?
    Well since its for a special occasion i'd be happy to trade

    Originally Posted by lucario34 View Post
    I have The Shiny Entei, Shiny Celebi, a Shaymin, I think Jirachi too
    I'm pretty sure shiny Celebi's are hacked :/ I'd be interested in your Entei, but before i choose the second one I needa know which events the Shaymin and Jirachi are from.
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