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Going in by each generation!

1st: Tentacool: They're like everywhere in da sea! Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh. But hohohoh...Ekans came in really close, tho. It's just as annoying.

2nd: Marill: They were rare like hell in G/S; I mean you could only find them on Mt. Mortar. But nowadayz...they're everywhere...and usually high leveled.

3rd: Electrike: Pelipper was really close, but nothing could compete with the wild Electrike that live in that route right above from slateport city. I had always keep a para heal with me.

4th: Bronzor: Always so annoying. Very sturdy and has the ability to put you to sleep and confused...all at the same time. :l And if it wasn't bad enough, its evolve stage is just as bad...and COMMON!

5th: Boldore: Everytime you take one step in a cave in unova...bam...there's goes one; with it's stupid annoying cry. Sounds like a fat guy clearing his throat.
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