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I started off with a Torchic. I eventually evolved it into its final evolution. I don't know why, but I chose it, because May did in the anime. (My first choice was a Mudkip.) I don't exactly know where my charger is in order to charge the SP for me to play my game.) I really like Torchic. I didn't know the importance of natures back in the day. I also didn't know that Mudkip's second stage is part Ground, and would fair well against Wattson of the Mauville Gym. I didn't know. It's why I started over, and picked a Torchic. I played through the game with just that when I had my Sapphire version that my first bf just happened to keep. (We broke up.)

I like how it knows Focus Energy. It was useful on my team... I always like Torchic.
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