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    Hey guys. on my first save of black 2 i named my guy Tommy. but this was too obvious so i am starting challenge mode now my guy is called Erghiez and i have named my rival Ryudo. i chose tepig this time as opposed to mijimaru.

    i have not given him a nickname he doesnt need one yet.

    i have named myself Ergheiz because on some mmorpg's i have played i am known by this name :D

    on this run of my game i will try to have a different team set up like i usually do [see sig] but putting lucario in my team is way too tempting hahah he beat most of the game for me on my normal mode run xxx but i have an ADAMANT tepig now im so lucky he's got a decent nature.

    i might put a bug pokemon in my team but not sure which one yet. ideally i want scizor adamant/technician hahaha.

    o well im off to actually play my challenge mode. bianca just taught me how to catch pokemon ......[nintendo need to make this optional]

    [off topic can a mod change my username to Ergheiz]
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