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    Hello everyone tajaros here with another Tutorial. This Tutorial will teach you how to Import your Maps into another Rom.

    Things that you would need:
    1. Advance Map 1.95
    2. Hex Editor (I'll be using HxD)
    3. Calculator
    4. ROMS (I used Pokemon Firered)
    5. Brain

    First open you Rom in A-map.

    Then Open the Map that you wanted to Import.

    So I'm gonna select Pallet Town as the Map that I'm going to Import. Now go to Header and press Ctrl+H.

    Now take note of this things that I encircled.

    So PALLET TOWN's Height and Width is 24x20 and the Map Offset is at offset 0x2DD100
    Next is Open up your Calculator. (Take note of this.)

    Then multiply 24 by 20. (You may not need the Calculator and you may do it manually, but I'm too lazy to do that.) Mine says 480.

    Then Multiply it by two since one block in a map is two bytes. Now It's 960

    Take note of it 960. Now open up your Hex Editor and goto your Map Offset mine is 0x2DD100 so I'll be going there...

    Now goto Edit then Select Block.

    Now be sure to have selected "dec" and type in the result you got earlier. Mine was 960 so type in 960. Then Press Ok. Now Copy it by just simple pressing Ctrl+V. And make sure you paste it somewhere like Notepad.

    Now Open up the Rom that you wanted to Import your Maps with A-map.
    Then Go to the Map that you wanted to Replace. For me it will be VIRIDIAN CITY.

    Now the things that I encircled are the one's that we're gonna be changing...

    Imagine that the PALLET TOWN MAP is nowhere in the ROM. We're just going to repoint where it loads the data. Now change the Height, Width, Tilesets just like the Map you wanted to Insert.

    Now let's find some free space where we can put our map. I'll be using 0xA00000 (You can use any offset you like as long as it has enough free-space on it.) Now Open the Rom with your Hex Editor. And goto to 0xA00000.

    Then Paste it using Paste Write or simply Ctrl+B.

    Click Save

    Open the ROM in A-Map and see if it's changed. Be sure to have everything changed in A-map.

    Happy Hacking...


    If you didn't understand anything or have anymore further questions just contact me via VM/PM.
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