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Banned for being an Elgyem and not Oshawott!

Me: Eh?! They bribed Palkia?
Alakazam: Yes. And now, Ash Ketchum is frozen for real, so their travels would be useless. And that's exactly like how a certain green-haired person with a fake red eye and a cane wanted, but not with Ash. He wanted to freeze someone named Nate or Rosa...unsure of which one. But they're stopped by another green-haired person. Could it be his son?
Me: Wait...they didn't bribe him...Palkia issued a cost. And that person's Team Plasma's boss...with his son, Team Plasma's former boss.
Alakazam: Should we chase them and confront them?
Me: Maybe not. A close-range attack won't work. We need something like this! *pushes red button*
Alakazam: T-the Hellmageddon missile?! Are you sure?! It can destroy Earth itself!
Me: Nope. That woman we saw that had an identical stick used Hellmageddon with it and didn't destroy the planet.
Alakazam: You mean Mois? You took the missile's shape from that stick, actually...and she stated a scale after summoning the Hellmageddon attack. No wonder it couldn't destroy Earth, because that scale determined Hellmageddon's strength. But for that's locked in 1:1!
Me: Whatever. I don't give a care. I just want them out of the way. *pushes red button twice*
Alakazam: WHAAA?! You set it to the scale of infinity:1?! You seriously intend to break down the entire line of galaxies of the universe?!
Me: Fine, your words have affected me enough. Here we go! *pushes yellow button*
Alakazam: Fine. All the items and living things in this universe except your target have been protected from the Hellmageddon impact. That's what the button did.
Me: That's the idea. And now! Hellmageddon, blast off at the speed of light! You guys, surrender now or prepare to fight! *pushes black button*
Meowth: Meowth, that's right!
Me: still remember the Team Rocket phrase they taught you? And Alakazam, do you want extra information about the green-haired guys you were rambling on about?
Alakazam: Nope.
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