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I decide to act. Taking my trusty POLO MALLET out to look imposing, I go out into the hallway. The place is deserted now, barring a few IMPS that seem to love making a mess out of the rooms in the corridor. One of them steps out in my way. I smash it to pieces with the MALLET, but not before it manages to stretch its long neck around and bite my already sore foot. I swear loud as I swing down the MALLET and kill it. If it could be called killing, turning them into pieces of GRIST.

I follow the sound of voices and glimpse into the FINE SALON on the bottom floor, finding my MOTHER there, busy ordering the butlers and servants around. It seems like all the servants have gathered here now. They are holding strange things like frying pans, broomsticks, spades and kitchen knives. MOTHER is seemingly holding a speech but she constantly interrupts herself with stuff she forgets or wants to add. Poor servants. To think that they would actually follow her beyond the end of the world...

They seem busy mobilizing to fight back the IMPS. That's good, that means they might leave me alone for a while longer. I hurry back up to my room, jumping over a few IMPS along the way and smashing another one to pieces as it is entering my room just as I get back. I slam the door shut and go back to my computer. The girls have replied on pesterchum. Good to know they are picking up speed again instead of lazying around when he's working!
PC: It took you long enough.
PS: By the way if you see any of the freaky imps swarming me take them out, okay?
PS: Don’t think I’ve forgiven you because you’re doing your nice guy routine
PS: Remember that doesn’t work on me.

BE: Nice guy routine? Please
BE: I don't need to be nice, I'm smart.
BE: Just kidding, of course
BE: Can't you fight the imps yourself? I've already killed like... four. They turn into these flashy pieces of building material, apparently.
"Speaking of building material, I guess I have to tell you that you should build onto her house to let her reach the first gate before her house is overrun with OGRES," LEGOFOOTSPRITE suddenly says from behind my back.

"Huh? Ogres?"

I switch to the viewport and take another look at Vieve's house. It sits neatly in the forest, but her garden is now swarming with imps in funny clothing who are looking like cats. Not as ugly as yours but definitely not OHGODWHAT

Something is making her house tremble slightly and a window shatter. It's something huge and... inexplicably ugly that is trying to get in through her front door. I have to blink several times to believe what I'm seeing. But then again. SBURB is weird.

"I'm guessing that's an OGRE?" I ask LEGOFOOTSPRITE, who nods with a sigh.

"She has gathered enough GRIST for you to build already."

"Alright, alright... time to destroy some more walls. Or not." I narrow my eyes and start building, dropping a rock onto the head of the OGRE in the process, to see if it helps. It doesn't seem to hurt much. Something in the forest moves. I have to get Vieve out of there before more of those hideous things come. I build a network of wide stairs, starting in Gavin's room. They require GRIST to make, but not as much as walls, floors and doors. As I build, IMPS are hopping onto the stairs, as if they want to see where they lead. I trick one of them to run and fall over a dead end. I laugh as I watch it turn to GRIST hitting the ground.

"Having fun?" LEGOFOOTSPRITE asks.

"Actually, yes!"

"I'll just not notify you that you have company, then."

"Huh?" I say, turning around just in time to avoid an IMP jumping at me. It lands on the desk, almost knocking over the computer screen. "HEY! DON'T YOU DARE DESTROYING THAT!" I shout at it, taking out my POLO MALLET from the STRIFE DECK again.

The IMP hisses and jumps at me again. I jump away this time, hurting my foot again, and the IMP barely has time to land where I just stood before a large machine crushes it to pieces. Pieces of GRIST which I of course collect greedily. What's this, then? It kinda looks like a faulty piano. Oh wait. It's the PUNCH DESIGNIX! I recognize it from the menu. Candice must have deployed it. Good girl! She's not as dull as she sounds, perhaps. Or maybe she is dull, but smart as well. Or maybe she's just good at taking orders. Either way, I click up her pesterchum window.
AM: That sounds amazing actually...
AM: Better than my world.
AM: Although it's full of snow and so interesting.
AM: I learned a lot...
AM: Anyway, I'm in a tight situation.
AM: Imps are attacking me from everywhere, and I think I saw my worst nightmare
AM: Followed by the most hilarious thing I've seen with a long neck in your world.
AM: That made my day, honestly...xD
AM: See? I used a smiley. That's how hilarious it was.
AM: But sure, I can deploy that...I'll do it in your room, if you don't mind.
AM: Time isn't on my side right now.

BE: Snow, eh? That sounds horribly impractical. Cold and all. But maybe better against imps than Vieve's world. They seem to be pouring out of every tree and bush around her house now.
BE: You learned stuff already? I only have my sprite to teach me stuff and he's really dull. But I guess he does tell me what I need to know.
BE: Uh, yeah... those imps really are ugly.
BE: If you hadn't prototyped some silly toy of mine, they would have looked better
BE: I mean
BE: I'm not blaming you, sorry.
BE: :) I make a smiley as well to show that I'm happy and all
BE: It's fun building onto Vieve's house. I made stairs and I'm fooling imps and whatnot
BE: I hope she'll appreciate my fine sense of architecture when she climbs into her gate or whatsitscalled
BE: Ah, you crushed an imp under the designix thing, thanks! That really helped actually
BE: I get that you too are busy with imps and stuff but I think you need to build up to my gate as well. My sprite seems to think so.
BE: So... don't get hurt, ok?
BE: Because that would be bad. Of course.
I'm not sure why I added that last line. Silly line. Silly me. I'm not silly, usually. I shake my head and decide to add a little to my log with Vieve before she can reply again.
-- babelsEngineer [BE] continued pestering paintSplatter [PS] --
BE: Oh, and
BE: I build a little nice something onto your house
BE: You should totally be able to step into that spiraling thing above your house now
BE: At least I think that's what you're supposed to do.
BE: Someone has got to think and plan instead of just running around killing things.


Since the machine you just deployed is almost the same size as the TOTEM LATHE and looks like a weird piano or something -

- it won't fit in the sink. Instead, it gets placed next to the sink, effectively blocking the toilet from use. Let's hope Vinnie doesn't have to go to the bathroom for a while.

Also, that isn't CLOYSTERSPRITE. It's an OGRE, trying to squeeze itself through your front door to the house. Clearly, OGRES aren't very bright UNDERLINGS. It's way too big and can fit a foot and a hand into the door at most. Where is CLOYSTERSPRITE, really? Oh, he is in your kitchen, trying to prevent IMPS from stealing stuff from all over your house, to no avail. Some of them try to fight back, others just scatter and run out from the house again with your stuff.

Something else has happened too, though. Suddenly, your roof isn't the top of your house. Instead, a network of wide stairs spiral and turn up towards the sky. Typical.


You hear a noise from the outside. A cracking noise. As if someone is stepping on ice that is about to creak and break. But the ice here has got to be really thick, right? So whatever is stepping there has to be... really... big.

==> Now or never. Alchemize or try to reach your gate.