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    Pokémon Magikarps Adventures - Recognizing the Gyarados within.

    -New LIVE Download at the Bottom-

    Have you ever been fishing hoping to hook at least a tentercrul but face endless streams of magikarps, magikarp after magikarp. Magikarps as far as the eye can sea. Did you realize that when a magikarp faints, they can't get back to water. Without water, they can't breath all that well...

    In this hack magikarps have become an endangered species, resulting in just 3 that remain; you may have guessed it already but, your starter Pokemon will be, no matter what you choose, a level 5 magikarp.

    At first this seems like you will be doomed from the start, but everyone knows upon evolving it becomes a beast of a Pokemon... if you don't neglect it, abandoning it in a day care center while you walts off training some rubbish zigzagoon you found in the wild.

    This hack was inspired by the generations of people that have hated on magikarps. Given that he is weak, has useless moves and hurts himself more then others, his potential as a Pokemon on a whole is... questionable. Magikarp has been mistreated over the years and has finally had enough. He wants to prove himself, that he is more capable than people give him credit for and that he can (given enough time) become amazing, almost even legendary... okay maybe not that far he still is only a magikarp after all.

    Either way this hack will hopefully make players appreciate that their old rods can hook something big discussed as something small.

    That's the basic story of the game, more will be added to it as the hack is developed.

    EDIT:The story needed more of a touch up from the original stroy of ruby so here's what I come up with (let me know what you think):

    You're an undercover agent who is there to find out where/why all the magikarps have gone. When you arrive at your new base you meet up with your superior who fills you in on your objective and the new leads that they have found out already. You are the last resort... For a bad reason though. It's why they didn't want to call you in. But since they lost their last agent for an unknown reason, that you'll find out soon enough, they had no other choice. Now you've got your mission you have to explore, talk to people and find the secrets of the Ancient Magikarps by training them. But, ah wait, there isn't a Pokémon game out there that doesn't have a main team to destroy... So who could possibly want to stop you saving the Magikarps? You probably didn't guess it so I'll just tell you: The Ignorant Hippies! Yep that's who will try to stop you from completing your mission. Because of their ignorance they can't see that you are trying to help the magikarp crisis and not make it any worse. They beleive that anyone who has a magikarp is going to sell it off for a very high price due to there not being a lot of them around.

    On a side note: There will be a open beta release in 2 to 3 weeks but it will only be up to where ever I am in 2 to 3 weeks.



    Banners Below - Feel free to use and support this hack!

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    Feel free to use the banners, remember to link them back to this thread!

    More to come as the hack progresses

    So what'd you think? Any thoughts/questions? Even more ideas? All are welcome

    The latest version includes more bug fixes and you can get to the second town with more areas to explore and slightly more people to talk to! ...It is still a beta though, so make sure you save fequently and report any bugs/game crashers. Either way share the game if you enjoyed it or recomend it or something... like add a banner to your signiture or something to show you suport it and have an easier way to get back to this thread!

    EDIT: As promised here it is, the release of this not yet complete hack. Why not give you guys an inside look at to whats happening as it develops? But this early relase just means there will be bugs, so becareful and make sure to report any bugs you come across so I can fix them as soon as I can.

    If you want to sugest an idea, don't hasitate to tell me!

    Distrabution of a copy of this game is not allowed. If you wish to share the game in whatever way, just redirect it to either here or to the mediafire download.

    So without further ado, here is the link: