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    Monocolor and monotype are pretty easy to combine imo, as well as a lot of the time monocolor + monotype + gym leader. For someone like me who is slowly doing all of what I think of as the "main" challenges (Solo, Duo, Trio, Nuzlocke, Evil Team, Gym Type, Gym Disadvantage, Catch 'em All, One in Each, Random, Gym Leader, Elite Four, Monotype, Color, Tier, and Alphabet*) challenges, combining and making 2/3 in 1 challenges not only makes it fun/more difficult, it also saves a LOT of time.

    *Disclaimer: My list of challenges was made at a time where all of these challenges were "prominent" challenges, and I know like the Gym Type/Disadvantage aren't active right now, but they're still solid challenges for someone to do.
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