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    Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
    Originally Posted by SkyisUmbreon View Post
    Anyone wanting to do anything with my character?
    Sure, either after Krissu's and Elise's adventure or you can run into us on Floor 4 perhaps :3
    Absolutely SkyisUmbreon, I'd love to orchestrate something with you if you'd like. Or like Red said, you could meet up with us and join the party. :D

    Originally Posted by Vato View Post
    Nevermind my SU attempt, just found out that I will not have the time to be in this RP...
    Oh well...
    Sorry to hear that Vato, I knew you had a lot on your plate beforehand. Hope it settles down for you soon!

    Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post
    My sign up is now complete, Kyle shall join you all in the IC sometime this weekend! :3
    Yay! Looking forward to seeing Kyle in the IC. :3
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