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Hello. Is it possible for you to breed a Technician Scyther? Adamant nature is preferred, but I don't mind as long as it isn't Modest or something haha.


Pokemon: Scyther
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Either or is fine.
Nature: Adamant is preferred.
Ability: Technician
Egg Moves: N/A
Best IVs: Doesn't matter
EV Training: No
Moves: N/A
Pokerus: No

Unfortunately, I don't have much to trade in exchange, sorry I would trade a DW ability, but I don't have much luck in the way of Hidden Grottoes - the only ones I have are a Jellicent and an Espeon, but I can catch the Defiant Braviary.

I'm not exactly sure if White to White 2 trading is possible since I only have White 2, but my White 2 friend code is 0777 2219 3621.

Thank you.
White 2 FC: 0777 2219 3621
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