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Originally Posted by Zayphora View Post
I was thinking about this yesterday- Another reason that 1st and 2nd Gen hog all the pasta is that they focus more on the fantasy aspect of Pokemon. 3rd, 4th, and 5th are more sci-fi oriented, what with Team Galactic, Opelucid, Black City, Akuroma, Deoxys...the list goes on. Fantasy seems more easily creepified in general.
I think I gotta disagree with you there. Gen 1 had HEAVY sci-fi influence. So much of it was inspired by the theme of science, including genetic experimentation, the creation of a digital Pokemon, cloning etc. The fantasy elements are really much more prevalent in Gen 2 when the game took on a theme of traditionalism and folklore/legends.

I think it's just the fact that old games, no matter how up beat, are always a little bit creepy due to their lower quality. Plus there were so many more bugs and glitches back then and a fair degree of unknown since the game was in development for so long.