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Banned for slowing down the missile!
Giratina: No.
Me: Please! We need to get back to the PMD world to save the world! Wait, which world are we saving again?
Lucario: *facepalm* All of them. If the PMD world collapses, the Distortion world will too, because they are so close together. And if the Distortion World is destroyed, then Anime World is destroyed too. Like a giant domino effect.
Me: Great. Thanks for the clarification, smarticus. *rolls eyes* Where was I again?
Giratina: Pleading.
Me: Oh yeah! So Giratina, we reeeaaally need to use that portal. Please, with a cherry on top?
Giratina: A cherry? I LOVE cherries. Okay, bring me a cherry and you have a deal.
Darkpokeball: Is it just me, or are all the legendary dragons weird. I mean, Palkia's antisocial, this guy's obsessed with cherries, and Dialga...well, he's just Dialga.
Nineray: Well that's what happens in the Pokemon world. Nothing makes sense. Have you ever heard of Pokemon logic?
Me: We don't have time to be having this arguement! Ash, do you know where to find cherries?
Ash: Well, there are some Cherubi in Floroma Town, but that's all the way in Sinnoh.
Giratina: Oh, Sinnoh? That's not that far. All we need to do is bend some space.
I'm a silhouette, asking every now and then
Is it over yet? Will I ever feel again?
I'm a silhouette, chasing rainbows on my own
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