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    Everyone who has posted, please wait patiently for everyone else to arrive at the Libra :3

    The Doomed Timeline

    Standing motionless, staring at his most recent creations, was the creator. What would happen would be easy to deduce; in the moment these guardians interact with anyone, no matter how minor this interaction is, this doomed timeline will cease to exist. The creator itself would also cease to exist, in this timeline that is, for there is no reason for him to stop existing in a regular timeline.

    "Farewell..." He said after staring at them for a while, sadness filling him, but not showing in the outside, "Make no mistakes, the fate of the world rests upon you..."

    A white and very small surge of light appears in front of the guardians, only to turn into a huge flash. Upon fading, the guardians were all gone.

    "It is time for me to go now..."

    Anticipating what was going to happen, Arceus stood firmly in the ground, closing his eyes, as the last breeze of the doomed timeline blew across his body...

    The Timeline of Hope

    "Tik Tak, Tik Tak!"

    What happened was anything but expected, wasn't he supposed to arrive before this whole thing happened? Why was he in this... city... ruiny... thing?

    Turning his head all the way around, he swiftly determinated that he was on what was left of Castelia City, meaning he was certainly be on the remains of the Unova region. Things weren't going according to plan, it seemed, for he was alone, and it would must likely be the same for the other guardians, which is, them appearing in totally random spots of the world.

    "Tik Tak, Tik Tak!" The Noctowl said before shaking his whole body, feathers blowing around and all.

    Clockwork seems to be the smartest creation of Arceus, but everything he says is 'Tik Tak', not because being retard or anything, apparently this phrase holds the secret to something very important, what it is remains a mystery for everyone.

    "Tik Tak, Tik Tak!" And the bird began flying around the city, examinating everything around.