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I Started a Nuzlocke Run On Pokemon White. So that everyone is Caught up I didn't go very far.

Extra Rules:
Battle In Set.
No Catching Duplicates.
1 heal Before and on after the town Gym Leader is dealt with (Revived after post-game.)
I might make a story out of this that is for for you to decide.

So far I used the Centers:
Accumula Town
Striaton City 1X

I have not used
Striaton City 1X
Day Care

My Adventure So Far.

- Took Owshawott as my Starter. Named Him Walter.

- Did not Encounter any Pokemon on Route 1.

- After beating N, I went to Route 2 where I was going to get a Lillipup until Walter Did A Critical hit on him.

- Gained a Pansear (Lucian) and Used Him to defeat Chili though he was getting out rom his nap so it was still a alright battle.

- In the Dreamyard, I met a Audino That was a little spicy yet quiet at times Which is why I call him Diego (Level 9)

- Walter Evolved between this time.

- Cheren Killed Diego with his Snivy. He was Level 12

- In The Cave , I met a Male Woobat that was just as feisty as Diego, So I named him Salvador (Lvl 11)

Active - Training up Salvador. Moving to Lenora.

Walter (Male Lvl 17, Hasty)

Razor Shell
Water Gun
Focus Energy

Salvador (Male Lvl 12, Gentle

Odor Sleuth