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I know Im late, please forgive me I hope this is good enough!

Name: Dante Farefyre
Age: 17
Country: America

Appearance: Dante stands at 6'1'' and has a lean musclar build. He has heterochromia iridum, one light blue eyes and one light green eye. He has extremely dark brown hair. His hair is cut short around the front, sides and back, being slightly longer at the front and sticking up and to the left side a small amount. He wears a dark grey coat that only has the right sleeve, and a shoulder plate over his right shoulder as well. 5 Dark purple straps cover his left bicep, which about 3 centimetre gaps between each strap with another strap protecting his left shoulder. His pants are dark grey as well and are slightly baggier then skin tight so not to effect his movement at all. He wears black boots that have two dark red grey straps on each side.

Dante is a very confident person in both real life and SAO. His charisma is also boosted by his confidence. Dante is also a top athlete and a genius, topping his year both academically and in athletics. Despite this he is very modest with about everything and doesn't talk himself up.

Dante likes organising and planning out events. An example is how he plans out his day so he has enough time to study for all his subjects, work out or practice one of his martial art disciplines and to indulge in his secret life and still get 8 hours sleep. Though one of his flaws is that he loses all motivation if something in his schedule doesn't happen at the right time or doesn't go to plan. This only last about a minute or so while he is figuring out how to change up his schedule to fit everything in properly. He is slowly getting better at adapting to a change in his schedule, being able to accept it within a minute or so now when it use to take him up to 10 minutes to be able to adapt.

Dante is also very competitive and likes winning things, this is why he pushes himself to top the school and state in all his subjects (which is made easier due to his genius) and to win at most the athletic meets he competes in. This competitiveness also leads to why he enjoys his secret life so much.

He has a hidden life that hasn't shared with anyone. This hidden life is where he spends most of his free time. He is a gaming champion in this hidden life. He keeps this a secret from everyone by having his computer and gaming consoles inside his spare room which he keeps locked at all times when he's not in it. He spends about 4 -5 hours a day gaming which has giving him a reputation in every game he actively plays as very highly skilled and efficient player, especially at levelling in MMO's. He is also an avid anime fan, a fact he has been able to keep hidden from almost everyone, even though he has a massive collection of anime and manga in his bedroom. Because of this competitive nature he tends to be a solo player in games as he wants to get as much experience as possible as fast as possible and finds it easier to do this alone rather then having to worry about other people and risking not getting all the experience of drops from the monsters.

Life before SAO:
Dante lives in a 2 room apartment, (1 bedroom and a living room that opens to the kitchen), by himself. His parents live away from him as there jobs require them to move about a lot and Dante wanted to finish his schooling at one place instead of going to different school every time they had to move for work. His parents pay for his accommodation and give him $300 a week for other living expenses which allows him to study, practice kendo and krav maga and have time to put in 3-5 hours of video gaming and anime watching a day.

Even though he doesn't have to he makes a small amount of money by writing reviews of the anime he watches and the games he plays, as well as sometimes even getting paid to be a beta tester. This extra money is spent on his secret life such as new anime series and new video games.

He goes to a private high school, in which he tops his grade in academics and athletics, which leads to him being very popular with the girls at school. He is also well respected by the boys at school as they know he practices both kendo and krav maga 2 and 3 times a week respectively, which contributes to his high athletic abilities.

Dante doesn't have a girlfriend, instead his has a different girl who comes to his apartment every morning to wake him up and make his breakfast and lunch. This fact is what forces him to sleep in the living room and lock his bedroom so the girls don't find out about his secret life as a massive otaku and video game nerd. The girls know that there's more then one of them that go to see him in the morning so have organised between themselves what days each of them can go.

Dante is also a 3rd dan black belt in kendo, which he has been practising since he was 9. He is also nationally ranked number 2 in America for his age group in kendo, an impressive feat considering he only practices it a few hours each week. He also holds a 2nd dan black belt in Krav maga which he has been practising since he was 12.

Dante was also lucky enough to be a beta tester for SAO, and thus already has experience of the first 10 floors of the games as he was a front runner in the beta testers, being a part of every boss battle and even finding a 2 of the boss rooms by himself, as he plays as solo player to get the most drops and experience possible.

Current Level: 15
Weapon: One- Hand Sword
Non-Combat Skills: Speed and Hiding
Summary of first month in Aincrad:
  • Rushed to the leveling spot after buying the best equipment he could with his starting money and began leveling alone. Was one of the first into the dungeon as well as the person who found the boss room. Helped defeat the boss and got a good sword drop.
  • Took a minute to get his organise his thoughts after finding out about the lock out then continued on grinding on the second floor, finding the 2nd floor dungeon and spending time levelling in there. Joined in the boss battle once the boss was found.
  • Levelled liked crazy on the 3rd floor, now way over levelled for the floor. After the boss was found joined in the boss battle and received a good piece of armor from the boss.
  • Continued levelling on the fourth floor. After the dungeon was found levelled inside there while looking for the boss. After the boss room was found, joined the boss battle.

Roleplay Sample:

The purple trail followed the blade as it tore through its demon foe, shattering the demon into thousands of pieces of blue data fragments. A large clawed hand smashed into the ground where the fragments were dispersing from as Dante easily dodge the strike. Another purple trail marked the path of the blade as the demon's head was sliced off cleanly, turning it into data fragments. Sheathing his sword Dante continued alone, traveling deeper into the dungeon.

It had been a day since it was announced that he wouldn't be able to leave without clearing all the games floors. The news hit Dante especially hard as is did not fit into his plan and that his secret life would have already been exposed by Fiona coming to wake him up to find him stuck with in the game. The agony! He thought as he quickly began to plan out his new life with in the game, which had been forced on him. “Well there's only one thing to be done, I must clear this game and get back to the real world. Its going to take me so long to catch up on the games, anime and manga I'm going to miss out on while stuck here.” That last part of his sentence stung him more than he expected. Oh god, it will take a long time, he thought while being extremely frustrated. Looking around he saw a lot of people on their knee's crying uncontrollably, especially the female players that he could see. That's right, there's people here who's first experience in gaming could be this game, I have to get them out of here.

After buying supplies from a NPC to last him a few days he ventured out of the chaos of the town in which players were still crying uncontrollably he made his way back to the dungeon that he had been teleported from for the announcement. He was the only person on his map that was at the dungeon when he got there. I guess the news is still hitting everyone pretty hard.. Checking his supplies and weapon durability he walked into the dungeon, well aware that he can truly die now if he's not careful.

It had now been a day since then and he still hadn't found the boss room or anything interesting in the dungeon, though he had now seen a party or two while exploring. That's good, more people have accepted it and decided to clear the game as fast as possible, this is good. “Rawrrrgghhh!” Screamed the lizardman as Dante came out of his hiding mode to attack it. The dungeon was a gloomy lit cave type dungeon which housed low level demon and lizard men, none of which really had good drops for Dante to get but they did produce fairly good amounts of experience for a solo player.
His blade sliced off each of the lizards arms before being thrust into it's chest, shattering it into thousands of people.

“We found it! We found it!” a voice called out triumphantly. “The boss room, we found it!” A smile grew on Dante's face as he rushed in the direction of the voice making good use of his speed skill. Surely enough after 15 seconds Dante came around a corner to be standing in front of the large set of doors that signified a boss room. Outside the door there was a party of 5 that greeted him. “Message any friends you have outside to spread the word, we need a few more people too safely clear the room.” Dante said to the group. They all shook their heads in agreement and began sending out messages.

Another group of 5 showed up 10 minutes after Dante joined the first group. In 10 minutes Dante had been sitting against the door patiently waiting. After a quick greeting and agreement they should wait for another group Dante went back to sitting against the door. 15 more minutes went past before a group of 8 showed up greeting the party that had found the door like they were all good friends. “This should be enough, everyone ready?” Dante announced as he stood up and turned to the door.
“We are ready, lets do this.” replied a member of the party that had just shown up. He was dressed in green armor, like the rest of his group, a part of a guild they must have been.
“That's exactly what I wanted to hear.” said a cheerful Dante as he pushed open the door to the boss room, walking in the lead with a massive smile on his face. He could hear the footsteps and clattering of armor of the other parties following him into the room. “Lets do this!” Dante yelled as he unsheathed his sword.
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