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    Pokemon SoulSilver: Last time I made a post, I had beaten Lt. Surge and my team was still a bit unorganized, I didn't have complete movesets (I have only 1 or 2 good moves per Pokemon) so I decided I'd go TM shopping to help out. Then i spent a good 10 minutes trying to reach Sabrina in her maze, and then I won fairly easily. I used Shaymoose and Psy for it, Crunch and Shadow Ball helped out a lot, as well as Psy's resistance to Psychic.


    FERALIGATR [Shaymoose] Lv47 (M)
    Serious Nature @Muscle Band

    AMPHAROS [Zeus] Lv47 (M)
    Quiet Nature @Choice Scarf
    -Signal Beam

    FEAROW [Kenya] Lv47 (F)
    Hasty Nature @Grass Mail
    -Secret Power
    -Drill Peck

    MAGMORTAR [Blaster] Lv47 (F)
    Docile Nature @Shell Bell
    -Faint Attack
    -Focus Blast

    ESPEON [Psy] Lv47 (F)
    Quiet Nature @Choice Specs

    -Shadow Ball

    DRAGONAIR [Xtream] Lv47 (M)
    Naive Nature @King's Rock
    -Dragon Rush
    -Fire Blast

    Team Summary (Better One in Signature)
    Pokemon LeafGreen
    Pokemon SoulSilver
    Pokemon Emerald
    Pokemon Platinum
    Pokemon White