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I definitely want to give this a go. Love the feel~
Pokecommunity Username: YourFavorite
Game: Ruby
Swampert, Skarmory, Manetric, Breloom, Camerupt, and Glalie is the plan (though I might go with Castform instead of Glalie)

Optional Rules
  • Make your player's name "Drifter" to add to the atmosphere of the challenge.
  • Nickname each party Pokemon
I might also try to respond to interviews as blandly as possible, and try some contests. I also want to do something with secret bases (since they're awesome) but I'm not sure what.

-Does the move deleter count as a facility? How about the move tutor? (If so, what counts as a "single use"? Can I have the move deleter delete a move from each of my pokemon if I only visit their house once, or can I only choose one move from one pokemon to delete?)
-For Department Stores, if you only visit one person at one counter and then leave the building, have you used up the whole building, or can you go back and talk to someone at a different counter?
-Similarly, can I bug the lava cookie lady 15 times and stock up on lava cookies before leaving forever, or can I only ever speak to her once?
-Does it count as "using" a shop facility (mostly game corner or battle-point shop) if you look in to see what they have and leave without buying something? (It seems silly to save up game corner coins or battle points just to realize that you don't have enough for what you want when you finally get there!)
edit: added a few more
-Are you allowed to rebattle trainers, or does that fall under not making relationships with people?
-Does riding on Mr. Briny's boat (which you have to do at least twice anyway for story reasons) count as using a facility?

Edit: Day 1 progress~

Named starter Sirena. She's pretty awesome, and right away has pulled off a few wins from 2 hp. Also caught Shroomish in Petalburg Woods, and named her Corcepia. Training her was a bit tough at first, but now that she's got mega drain, leech seed, stun spore, and bullet seed, she's doing well. I can already tell that the biggest challenge is going to be preserving PP, since I've had very few issues with conserving HP since Sirena's initial few battles. Also there were no ethers when I went to the Oldale pokemart, which was pretty disappointing. I decided to take a break after wrecking the rock gym.
Facilities used: Mom (littleroot), Oldale Pokemon Center, Oldale Pokemart.

(sorry if this is weird, this is my first time recordng a challenge so... >.>; )
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