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    Originally Posted by Seraphimon-sama View Post
    Username: Seraphimon-sama
    Partner Pokemon: Angewomon the Gardevoir and Zephyrmon the Latias.
    Reason for joining: Most of my favourite Pokemon are Psychic-Types.
    Answer to the current topic: My favourite Psychic-Type Pokemon is definitely Gardevoir. It has high base stats, a great movepool, and on top of that, it is so pretty!
    Welcome to the club. You have to choose one unevolved pokemon, so I will choose Ralts for you.

    Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
    I'm going to join, just like I did in all previous Psychic clubs.

    Username: Hikari10
    Partner Pokemon: Gothitelle and Elgyem
    Reason for joining: Psychic-types are among my favorite Pokemon, and most have awesome designs and strategies.

    Answer to the current topic: My fave Psychic Pokemon would have to be Elgyem cos it's so adorable, and I love its anime voice and in-game cry.
    Welcome to the club Hikari.
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