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    Originally Posted by Laugh View Post
    Just a question. If we do have these events, can I join both? I love to draw, and I love to write. I can't decide. But again, is it okay if I participate in both events?

    I'll be waiting for the contest to start, really.
    Haha we will if members keep on pouring in. Sure why not, although you would be judged on the best out of the two unless otherwise stated. Yup :D

    Originally Posted by Seraphimon-sama View Post
    Name: Seraphimon-sama
    Partner Pokemon: White Kyurem
    Why you want to join: I really like the new forms for Kyurem, especially because Reshiram is involved in one.
    How active will you be: I'm online every day, unless something goes wrong with my laptop or my internet connection.
    I'm sorry, but your going to have to come up with a topic answer.

    Speaking of new topics : If you could give either Kyurem a move that they cant learn, what would you want it to be? (I'll save my awnser for later)I guess I should give you guys a rubric for the contest(s)!

    ☁Plot 35 pts.
    Grammar 25 pts.
    Detailed 30 pts.
    Include your username in red at.
    the end of the story 20pts.

    Color 10pts.
    Detailed 40 pts.
    Neatness 40 pts.
    Background 35 pts.
    Include your username in red beside the picture you drew 30 pts.

    ***You need to PM me your entries***

    The contest will be (approximately) held on November 3rd-4th unless otherwise stated
    If you have anymore recommendations please don't hesitate, just post them ;D

    Also I am currently making the points system for the members and stuff although it is still in consideration whether I will do a points system for being active and such, etc.