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“Why, Abee, you sound a little odd, are you okay?” The Professor studied her with suspicious eyes, as if the truth was formulating inside his mind.

Abby nodded, “Yea, I’m fine... Just a little bit sick I guess...” She managed out a measly cough, who was she kidding? It definitely wasn’t convincing at all, but Professor Oak fell for it. Perhaps the letter she had shown him earlier was enough to solidify her new temporary identity. Whatever the case was, the aged professor walked away, headed towards an odd contraption containing several pokeballs. Picking one up, as well as sweeping up a strange rectangular device and a few smaller pokeballs, he headed back towards Abby.

“Well this is the one you requested, and here is your Pokedex, and your pokeballs. I’m sure you know already, but incase, pokeballs are devices used to capture pokemon.” Oak handed her the items one by one. She slipped the dex into a pocket and deposited the empty pokeballs within the other. As the professor handed her the pokeball containing the pokemon “she” had personally requested, a sense of curiosity surged through her body. Somewhat thanking the professor, Abby quickly turned away, starting her leave.

“Wait!” Oak grabbed her shoulder, stopping her in her tracks. He quickly apologized but afterwards handed her a ticket, explaining its purpose and all. She took the ticket without saying much, in fact, this time she left without a word.

Having left Pallet Town, Abby found herself walking along a jagged dirt road, as if the path itself had been smeared and disfigured. Along the way, she couldn’t help but think of her mystery pokemon. Taking a slight break from the route, she tossed the pokeball in a meek manner. As the spherical device floated through the air, it popped open, a flash of bright light exploded as the pokemon emerged from its containment. A breeze of wind blew through, the pokemon’s brown fur flowed with it. Its ears and tails perked up, turning it’s adorable head towards its trainer. The fluffy collar only accentuated the adorableness of the furry creature. The cuteness was overwhelming her insides, but of course her exterior was plain as the clothes she was wearing. Now, Eevee over here saw right through this little mask of Abby’s. The pokemon elegantly walked over to its trainer, playfully nudging her leg.

“Soo, are you a girl o-” Before even being able to finish her sentence, the Eevee nodded in what would have to be assumed a yes.

“Umm, alright, Diana, that’s going to be your name.” The Eevee really didn’t respond, the two continued on, but Abby kept wondering if her and the Eevee were on agreeable terms regarding the name. She decided to test it out. “Hey, Diana, mind hopping on my head.” Abby kneeled down, allowing for a less complicated ascent. Making quick work of the climb, the Eevee hopped from her knee onto the top of her hat. As fast as she had climbed on, she hopped off, probably due to the small area given to stand or sat.

“Well that settles that. Come on, let’s go.” She motioned for Diana to follow her, Abby had no intentions of returning her pokemon. The journey was going to be long and boring. Emphasis on long, and emphasis on boring. The extra company was necessary, at least for now.

Hours passed in a manner that seemed to feel like days. Lucky Abby had found a shortcut, or perhaps it could have been days. By now her legs were a little sore, never in her life had she ever walked such a distance without taking even the slightest of rests. Abby knew she didn’t have all the time in the world, she kind of needed to hurry. Along the way, she had already returned Diana to her pokeball, sensing a bit of weariness in the young creature. Coming upon a clearing, she looked around, wondering where she was. The sight of the desolate city was painfully obvious. It reminded her of when she had come across the letter and the girl... She quickly shoved that grim thought out of her mind, it was the last thing she needed to be thinking about.

As she approached the city, the shattered remnants of buildings came into a clearer view. Although she’d never been here, Abby had heard tales of Vermillion, and how it use to wrangle in tourists like no tomorrow. Then again, this city didn’t really have a tomorrow anymore, did it? If it wasn't such a glum joke perhaps she would’ve chuckled. But instead she kept on, her face plastered with indifference.

The harbor itself was still attached in it’s entirety it seemed. A rather modest ship to say the least was docked by it’s side, the original Libra’s successor she presumed. Her eyes suddenly felt heavy. Perhaps the long walk had taken more of a toll on her energy than she had thought. She hurried over to the dock, every few seconds resisting the urge to fall asleep right there on the spot. Arriving by the ship’s side, a man stood at guard, most likely ready to collect her ticket. Abby was in no position to further prolong this little process more than it would already take, so she grabbed her ticket out of her pocket and shoved the ticket into the man’s chest. Not bothering to witness his reaction, Abigail immediately boarded the Libra, still fighting the grips of unconsciousness. A bed would've been very much appreciated. Sadly, the best she could find was a lawn chair. It was probably that guard's chair or whatever, but screw it, as soon as she sat down she was out like a light.